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Hampshire Florist Flowers by Occasion
Flowers are mostly used as gifts to a loved one or decorations for any occasion. Our prominent Hampshire florists design carefully and passionately these flower bouquets and floral arrangements to make it perfect for your purpose. So, if you want to have a picture-perfect and majestic ambiance to any of your occasions, then Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow is your perfect partner.
Things our Customers Say

2 months ago

Ordered a potted plant for a friend. I think the price was reasonable for a good sized plant with pot and delivery and the quality on arrival met expectations. I only ordered it at about 4.30pm and they managed to deliver them the next day. He was very pleased, as am I. Thank you very much.

Nicola Mitchell

3 years ago

Beautiful flowers designed with a personal and creative touch. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit – the staff are welcoming, fun and friendly too. This shop makes me smile. I often purchase online for gifts as they deliver also. A big thumbs up!

Matthew England-Holland

4 months ago

Lovely flowers, different from the usual arrangements you find on most florists and the big chains. They aren’t cheap but worth it.


a year ago

They produced a fabulous floral tribute & woodland-style garland for my late Mother. Nine days on, the flowers still look fresh; only a few flower heads have withered, and some flowers appear to have grown in a wild sort of way which makes the whole display look even more awesome. I love what they do, I guess the clue is in their title. Faultless customer service. I’ll be back.


Our greetings and love for you bloom every time! Welcome to Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow in Hampshire, where truly majestic, pristine, and stunning flower bouquets are designed wholeheartedly.

Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow is situated in Hampshire, where you can find aesthetic flower bouquets you might need for any of your occasions or giveaways. Ellie Marlow is the owner and the general manager of Catkin & Pussywillow, who has been super connected with flowers since she was just a kid. The Hampshire florists have been in loyal service of our valued customers who love to visit our shop in Hampshire personally or just on the site online.

Our proficient Hampshire florists are well known for creating amazing floral arrangements and flower bouquet creations at Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow in Hampshire. Ellie, as the owner of Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow, shared her meaningful experiences and skills with her beloved Hampshire florists who also have been through their floristry learning journey years before.

Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow, together with the Hampshire florists, offer top quality services to our valued customers within Hampshire and to the nearby towns. We are happy to serve our dear customers who have been supporting us by giving us good feedback as well as positive remarks.

Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow is also available to assist you in every detail of your wedding events to make sure it’s memorable. Click here to browse wedding flowers by Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow.
A Little History of Hampshire
The county town of Hampshire in Winchester is located in South East England, on the coast of the English Channel. Hampshire derived is name from the then settlement that is today the city of Southampton. During the Old English era, Southampton was known as ‘Hamtun” that roughly means, “village-town, thus its environs or scir became Hamtunscīr and eventually, Hampshire. Hampshire is one of the riches counties in the country. Hampshire was the point of origin of some people, during the 17th century, who left England to settle on the east coast of North America, thus there is today what is known as the state of New Hampshire in the US.
The county of Hampshire is famous for the Highclere Castle that houses the Downtown Abbey, as well as the Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower, one of the tallest buildings outside of London. The Winchester Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals in the country, is in Winchester, Hampshire, an ancient city which was once the capital of England.

In the countryside of Hampshire, you find cosy pubs, thatched cottages, and chalk streams together with bustling market towns loaded with delicious local produce, amazing interactive museums and historic buildings. The Gunwharf Quays offers more than just shopping with over 90 discount retail outlets offering up to 60% off the RRP on your favourite designer brands and over 30 restaurants offering succulent meals. That’s not all! The Bowlplex and Grosvenor Casino as well as the Vue Cinema offers a relaxing reprieved.

Hampshire has also been a favourite film location for numerous productions such as the hit television show Downtown Abbey and many of James Bond films.

The only flower shop in demand and highly rated with positive reviews in Hampshire is Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow. We have been in the cut-flower culture and in the field of the floral industry for so many years that we don’t doubt that we are capable of offering you your flower needs at all times. Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow is a well-known flower shop in Hampshire for our truly wonderful sets of bouquets and flower arrangements. All of our designs are truly appealing and will surely catch your attention.

We are the dedicated Hampshire florists from Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow who can satisfy your delight for flowers. Whenever you need some simple flowers, lots of luxurious flowers for your homes or you plan to buy flowers as gifts to someone special, we have got you covered all of the time. Whether you are celebrating anything from a simple or an extraordinary event, to a grand and high-class occasion, we aim at all times to meet or exceed your product expectation.

We sincerely want you to be happy and be satisfied with our flower service, which is why since the beginning we have always made every bouquet look especially wrapped with love and passion. We can deliver your chosen flower bouquets to your special someone immediately, for we have three branches across Hampshire. We offer same-day delivery for your convenience, with a sweet smile and greetings from our diligent couriers.

Connect with us at any time of the day. We are open and are ready to serve you from Mondays to Saturdays. If you had minimal time to visit our shop, then our site online is an ideal choice you would want to consider. You may also contact us at 01962 860345 or feel free to email us at shop@catkinandpussywillow.com with further details of your order.
We Promise

Competent and Innovative

Everyday Flowers by Catkin & Pussywillow hereby promise to keep our flower services high-quality and excellent. We are looking forward to providing you the best of the best. Therefore, we promise to improve our designs and floral creations. The Hampshire florists are openminded enough to accept some of your flower design suggestions, which is why we promise you that we do customisation for you to achieve your personal floral preferences. We promise to always be your honest partners for whatever occasion you may organise. We promise that all of it will be successful and memorable.

Freshest Blooms Guaranteed

We truly provide only the best and the most pristine flowers directly from our suppliers. We see to it that before we release products, we check the quality and freshness at all times. Our dedicated Hampshire florist experts put extra efforts into arranging satisfying flower creations and providing a complete set of flower that meet each of our valued customer’s needs.n

Passion for Flowers

Flower Academy

EVERYDAY FLOWERS by Catkin & Pussywillow | Hampshire Florist
Falling in love with fascinating flowers is challenging us to know more deeply about them. Being aware of the nature of flowers is important for Hampshire Florist to see how significant they are present in our lives. Our flower magazine will give you additional knowledge and interesting facts about flowers so that you can enjoy them fully.

Care Tips

southampton the flower shop care tips
Every one of us truly appreciates the presence of flowers around us. We even wish for them to live forever, but the reality is that they only have minimal life spans. Don’t lose hope, for there are still ways to sustain their beauty and extend their lives a little bit longer. Be guided on how to take care of your flowers by reading the Hampshire Florist flower care tips.
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