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Just like us humans, flowers also deserve to be cared for. They have been a wonderful sight. We always want to behold the beauty of flowers, and they always make any place and any occasion scenic and memorable. To help maintain the beauty and fragrance of your flowers, follow these simple flower care tips.

Guide and Tips to Care Flowers:

Clean your Vase

Having dirty vases and poor maintenance of your vases for your flowers is not a good idea. The bacteria and viruses from it can cause damage to your flowers until they get withered. To prevent your flowers from dying so soon, keep your flower vases tidy. The bacteria and viruses are capable of killing your cut flowers so better dry every vase with proper cleaning procedure before filling it with flowers. A quarter of warm water and using only clean water are a must when cleaning a vase.

Change Water Regularly

To avoid the flowers from having a bad smell, changing your water from time to time is a must for it will help preserve the quality of the flowers and to avoid them from dehydration. Furthermore it will keep them from withering. Arrange properly the cut flowers while putting them into the clean vase with fresh water inside.

Clean and Healthy Water

The flowers will gain nourishment if you add a little amount of sugar into the water. It helps boost the opening of the blooms that cause them to look more vibrant. You can avoid the bacteria and viruses in the water by adding and stirring properly a little amount of vinegar or lemon. It is important to fill your vases with clean and healthy water to increase your flowers’ life span and to keep their vibrant and lovely appeal.

Remove Lower Leaves

If ever you notice some unnecessary dry foliage at the outer part of the flower, you must remove it all, for they are just hindering the stem’s good absorption of water. You better leave your vase beautiful without any dry leaves present.

Use Sharp Knife to Cut

Stems are delicate, so when you cut them, you must use a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp knife to prevent them from total damage. Using dull tools in cutting the stems is a bad idea, for it may damage the tissue of the stem that hinders them from a good water absorption process. Remember at all times to cut the flower’s stem an inch or 2 in an angle while placing under water.

Keep in Good Temperature

You must put your lovely flowers in a cool and clean place to keep them from withering quickly. To keep them alive and bloom longer in your place, do not place them into direct sunlight of right next to an appliance. Placing your fresh cut flowers right next to an appliance will cause dehydration and it may damage the whole flower structure. It is very important to leave your flowers in a healthy place to help preserve their freshness and natural beauty.

Keep Away from Toxic Environment

Flowers are delicate, fragile, and sensitive to the environment they are in. To keep their freshness and vibrant appearance, keep them away from smoke, poisonous material, and dirty places. They may be affected easily with the toxicity and radiation brought by the environment, so you better put them in a tidy place with clean air.